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"The juggler is the beautiful art complicated by force, dexterity, speed, and endurance."


This act - the real business card of Kristaps. In this genre "The juggler with cigar boxes" it also began the circus career many years ago. Kristaps never thought that will be the actor. And now he already visited a set of the countries and cities showing the dexterity and abilities masterly to cope with the flying cubes. Now there are some statements of act in this genre. The actor carries out a set of tricks with cigar boxes, at improbable speed, in a comic image - in an image of the clown, and in classical. Few years ago this act won the hearts of the audience of the Moscow circus of Nikulin in Tsvetnoy Boulevard where
Kristaps successfully worked in one of big programs. Before there were also participations in various international festivals and big awards. Apparently - on it he doesn't intend to stop. Kristap constantly improves the act, supplements with new tricks, suits and incendiary music. Recently, in one of the World Days of Circus, to an arena there was also a son Kristapa Alex which already at the early age was made it clear that by it the worthy successor of circus matter in a genre "The juggler with cigar boxes".
For many audience still remains a riddle - as cubes, so well keep? :)

Performer: Kristaps Pavlovs-Lipinskis
Duration: 9:17


Ashdod.Israel 2015


Minsk (Belarus 2016)


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