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"Incredibly skillfully, beautifully and mysteriously. This number doesn't leave indifferent."


The actress Ina Sopova represents one of the most beautiful acts, rare in circus "Foot Juggling" or "Antipode". This act distinguishes ease of execution and special charm. And also, unique tricks: when lying on a back the actress at the same time balances with feet different not easy subjects.

Statement of this act belongs to the famous circus actress, the trainer elephants, the director Taisiya Kornilova. The mysterious and beautiful love story, will bewitch the viewer from the very first musical chord to the latest trick and gesture.

Sopova's act "Antipode" is one of the most favourite act of the Latvian public. And not only. The actress already won hearts of the audience of a set of the different countries and it was repeatedly marked out by prestigious awards of the international circus festivals.

Act can will be executed in different images and suits.
There are some options of statements.

Performer: Ina Sopova
Assistant: Kristaps Pavlovs
Duration: 6:30



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